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We are a team of best-of-breed lawyers with years of experience in managing cases from diverse fields. We bring to the table a combination of astute judgement, vast courtroom experience and a string of legal victories from hard-fought battles.

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We are lawyers who specialize in many forms of litigation and can assist you in your search for justice.
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We specialize in many forms of litigation and can assist you in your guest for justice.
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We are leading the charge against producers of faulty IVC Filters through class action lawsuits.
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Each member from our team specializes in dealing with different legal areas. Whatever may be your need, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your legal troubles in one of our lawyers!

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Over the years, Lion Law LLP has built trust among its clients. All our clients will attest to our highest commitment to creating an environment of service where our clients feel protected and hopeful of receiving the justice they deserve. If you feel alone in your battle, let us lend you our hand and walk side by side with you on the road to justice.

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We fight to protect your legal rights under the law.
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"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable."

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IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlement

If you or your loved ones were harmed by an IVC filter, you may have legal options. Tell us about your experience and we will provide you with a free case review. We are just a call away to rescue you. Fill up the information and get an absolutely free case review.