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IVC Filters are unit spider-like metal devices inserted into the inferior vein cava vein (the large vein that delivers blood to the center of the lower body)

IVC Filter entices blood clots and keeps them from traveling to the lungs and inflicting embolism (blocking a blood vessel within the lungs; may be fatal).


Fracture and perforation

Filter fractures were reported 56 times and perforations were reported seventy times .These IVC Filters have been causing problems and injuries in patients because some become too deeply implanted to be removed. Some of the injuries that have occurred with these filters could include the metal pieces of device breaking off or fracturing and moving to the stomach, lungs, liver, the heart and other organs.

Organ Puncture

IVC Filter can lead to the organs becoming punctured and causing internal bleeding and other problems. Some of the other complications that patients have been experiencing are respiratory problems and serious chest pain.


The most common injuries that people with these filters have experienced are due to the filter moving or migrating to other areas. The Food and Drug Administration in late 2010 received three hundred and twenty-eight reports of this problem. Some injuries can be serious enough with these filters to be fatal.

IVC Filter Device



FDA Warning

The FDA developed a quantitative call analysis victimization publically on the market information on the market within the medical literature to assess whether or not there’s a fundamental measure throughout that the chance of getting Associate in Nursing IVC filter in place is expected to outweigh the advantages.

The analysis (Decision Analysis of recoverable Inferior Vena Cava Filters in Patients while not respiratory organ Embolism) was printed within the Journal of vascular Surgery: Venous and body fluid Disorders in October 2013. The mathematical model advised that if the patient’s transient risk for embolism has passed, the risk/benefit profile begins to favor removal of the IVC filter between 29 and 54 days when implantation.

The FDA has received reports of adverse events and product issues related to IVC filters. Types of reports embrace device migration, filter fracture, embolization (movement of the whole filter or fracture fragments to the center or lungs), perforation of the IVC, and issue removing the device. a number of these events led to adverse clinical outcomes. This kind of events is also connected to however long the filter has been ingrained. Different noted long-run risks related to IVC filters include lower limb deep vein occlusion and IVC occlusion. For patients with recoverable filters, some complications is also avoided if the filter is removed once the danger of embolism has subsided. The authority is bothered that recoverable IVC filters, once placed for a short-run risk of embolism, don’t seem to be continuously removed once the danger subsides.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to C.R. Bard, Inc., manufacturers of the IVC filter and the filter retrieval system in Gregorian calendar month 2015. The letter declared that the firm was selling adulterate devices, specifically the Recovery Cone Removal System, Model RC-15 and therefore the Recovery Cone Removal System, Model FBRC, in the U.S. will not federal agency approval. The letter conjointly suspects the firm of misbranding (marketing devices for uses they need not be approved for). The letters conjointly suspect Bard of failing to relay reports of issues with the device(s) that might cause death or serious injury to the federal agency.

NBC aired a series of reports on the risks of IVC Filters, and these resulted in Dr. Stephen Ostroff, Chairman of the U.S.Senate Judiciary Committee, causing a requirement letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Gregorian calendar month 2015, asking why the FDA didn’t take action to recall/ deny approval of a dramatist Recovery device that had been approved in 2001 and was currently off the market (no new implants) however still planted in 20,000 individuals within the us.

Dr.William Kuo of Stanford Health Care IVC Filter Clinic aforesaid within the report that he had performed regarding one, IVC filter removal surgeries within the past decade to retrieve bad devices. He aforesaid, that alternative doctors referred patients to him as a result of the surgeries were difficult and dangerous. Dr. Kuo aforesaid, he’d removed filters created by alternative firms, however, that Bard filters where the foremost dangerous whole.




Your doctor has Associate in nursing moral obligation as a member of the medical community to solely act in your best interests. once your doctor is aware of that, there are a unit serious health risks related to a selected treatment like the IVC filter, there might a duty to warn you of these risks, and what health risks you’d run if you decide on to not have the suggested treatment. If your doctor fails to warn you or your dearest of potential facet effects there might be liability for medical malpractice if the device causes you serious injury.

Doctors are under serious scrutiny for accepting gifts from pharmaceutical firms as there’s a possible conflict of interest. In 2010 Congress enacted the medical practitioner Payments Sunshine Act. The act needs pharmaceutical makers to disclose money, relationships they need with physicians and teaching establishments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

It is always a good idea to at least talk to a lawyer about your case.

IVC Filter free Confidential Legal Consultation.


Some cases are simple enough that you may be able to handle your particular case without a lawyer as long as you do your homework, get help when needed, and are good at following rules and procedures. But there are many cases that are very complicated and, without a lawyer, you could hurt or even lose your case, no matter how strong it is and how right you think you are.

If you or a loved one are hurt by the associate degree IVC filter, or if your doctor was unable to get rid of the filter inside the agency suggested safe closing date and you suffered injury or hurt, you’ll be entitled to compensation.